Catholic faith network to host ‘Catholic Faith’ test

The Catholic faith community has announced a partnership with the network Testnet.CATHOLIC FIVE will hold a series of live tests on the network from Friday.

The test will be a partnership between the network and the Catholic Faith Network (CFN), an organisation dedicated to connecting Catholic faith communities with testing providers.

The CFN, which is run by Archbishop Joseph Farrell, the Church of Ireland’s former Archbishop, and former President of the Irish Council of Catholic Bishops, is the only recognised testing organisation in the country.

The network has launched its own network of testing providers in recent years, including a test provider for the Irish Catholic Diocese of Derry, a network of independent religious organisations in Northern Ireland, and the UK Catholic Faith Centre.

Its tests are designed to help religious leaders gain the skills to prepare for a wide range of life events.

The Catholic Faith Networks is also seeking to bring more testing into the Catholic Church, particularly with regard to healthcare and other services.

The tests are being organised by the network’s partner, the Christian Care Network.

The charity’s chief executive, Dr Paul Lacey, said: “It is great to see a Catholic faith organisation working together to support Catholic healthcare providers.”

We look forward to seeing the test-taking community’s input and suggestions on how they can help the network in the future.

“As a Catholic organisation, we feel very fortunate to have a partner in the Catholic faith movement and hope that they will provide a valuable service for our clients and our communities.”

The network said its aim is to provide a platform for faith leaders to share information, advice and skills.

“Testing is a great way to engage with the wider community, and we hope that by engaging with Testnet, we can encourage more faith leaders, parents and others to become tested,” Dr Lacey said.

“In this way, we hope to encourage more of our clients to share their experiences, and gain greater insight and knowledge about their health.”

A number of Catholic faith leaders have said they are keen to see the network develop further partnerships with faith communities.

Dr Farrell, who was the first to lead the Catholic Health Service in Northern England in 1997, said he welcomed the idea.

“It’s a great opportunity to bring the testing community together, and I think that’s a good thing, for the test community, for us as well,” he said.