How to create a better hashtag: It’s the best way to drive traffic to your site

I’ve seen a lot of chatter about how to create an effective hashtag.

Here’s how: 1.

Make it relevant.

If you want to make a hashtag relevant, it should be an article that’s relevant to your audience.

For example, if a hashtag is about a sports team, then you should include that team’s logo.


Identify your target audience.

  This is where your best bet for creating a hashtag goes wrong.

As I mentioned above, if you’re a sports fan, a hashtag can only really be a hashtag.

If you’re just interested in finding a specific sport, you won’t have an effective topic.

Instead, focus on building an affinity with your audience, which means identifying the most important topics you want your hashtag to be about.


Set up an audience.

The first step is to create some audience.

Create a list of keywords, and ask yourself: What are the key features of this hashtag that you want people to be able to connect with?


Get people to share.

  When I started out, I only had 10 followers on Twitter.

Today, I have almost 50,000 followers.

I’ve created a hashtag that is about football.

By using my hashtags, I’ve helped generate a lot more traffic to my site, which is great.

Now, I can get to work creating the hashtag that will really capture my target audience’s attention.