How to get a top-rated Irish TV show to air on Channel 4

More than three years on from its original launch, Irish TV is on the up.

Last month Channel 4 confirmed that the long-running series The Killers was to be picked up by the channel for a second series.

The Killings will now be a weekly programme on the channel’s flagship channel, Channel 4, which will air the first series on Sunday, December 10, next year.

The Killers has been a cult favourite for many years, but it’s been difficult to find an audience in the UK and Ireland, which is the UK’s main TV market.

But the show is finally getting the attention it deserves after a hugely successful pilot season.

The series is about the murder of a famous Dubliner and the subsequent trial of the police who are accused of the crime.

The first episode was screened at a ceremony in Dublin on the 25th anniversary of the murder and the series will premiere on Channel 5 in January 2019.

In addition to the first episode, the new series will feature an original song written by one of the show’s stars, Liam Gallagher, and will be directed by the acclaimed actor and musician Tom Daley.