How to get around Sony’s security breaches

Sony has admitted it has been “hacked” by a cybercriminal, with the company revealing that it had identified “several” people using the internet to spread malware.

The cyberattack was carried out by a group called the Sony Network Security Team, and has been linked to the North Korean government, according to the company.

Sony said it had contacted affected users and asked them to contact a company called CloudFlare to check whether they were affected.

“CloudFlare has been contacted by a number of individuals claiming to be members of the Sony network security team and offering to provide an identity-theft protection service,” a statement from Sony said.

“We have taken the security of all our systems very seriously and have contacted the affected individuals.”

The company said it was working with cloudflare to investigate whether the attack had been carried out using malicious code.

“The cyber attack is believed to have originated in North Korea and it appears to be a spear phishing attack,” it said.

“CloudFlace has confirmed that it has not been contacted in connection with the cyber attack.

We are also currently working with CloudFlace to determine the source of the cyber activity.”

The cyberattacks appear to have been carried in the form of a new “man-in-the-middle” attack that was used to launch a spear-phishing campaign that took advantage of a flaw in the internet browser’s JavaScript engine.

The flaw is known as “Malware-ASLR”, and has the ability to spoof the JavaScript engine of a website in order to trick users into clicking on links that could be used to take them to a malicious website.

CloudFlary is a free, open-source web browser that can be used by anyone to make and share webpages.

Cloudflare has not yet said whether it was affected.

The company has previously stated that it was “very concerned” about the threat posed by Sony, and had been working with the Australian Government to help protect its users from “malicious webpages”.

“Cloudflary is aware of an ongoing incident that has compromised our infrastructure and is working with law enforcement authorities to help ensure that affected customers are not impacted by the breach,” it wrote in a blog post.

“While we are unable to provide further details about the incident, we have advised our customers to review their settings in the browser settings for the time being to ensure they do not allow any websites to access their data.”

Read moreSony’s CEO, Tom Hiddleston, has admitted that the attack was carried on Sony’s behalf and said that “some of us did not even know it was happening”.

“There was no malicious intent and no malicious intention was intended by this group,” he said in a statement.

“This is not the first time that Sony has been hacked by hackers.

We do know that Sony is extremely secure, and that is why we have done everything possible to make sure that our systems are secure and that our data is safe.””

It was a very quick hack and it was an unfortunate event.

There were a number people involved in this, but the main person that was responsible was Sony.”Read More