Which of these TV networks is your favorite?

The Top 10 Network Engineer Salary Rankings: Top 10 network engineer salaries and networks.

The list includes the top 5 networks in terms of pay, salaries, and benefits.

In the past, the top network engineers have been paid significantly more than their peers in other industries, but the recent wave of big pay increases have given the engineers a significant bump in their paychecks.

Top 10 networks in salaries and salaries Top 5 Networks in salaries 1 Fox News $68,000 2 CNN $62,400 3 MSNBC $62.100 4 CNBC $59,800 5 NBC $58,700 6 ABC $58.400 7 CBS $57,900 8 Fox Business Network $57.700 9 CNN $57-58,500 10 Bloomberg $57 $56,000 Source: Salary Report for 2015 by The Wall Street Journal, The National Association of Broadcasters, and The National Cable & Telecommunications Association.

Data via The Wall St. Journal.