Which Discovery Networks are you most looking forward to seeing in 2018?

The Discovery Networks has a reputation for being a network with a lot of variety.

There are so many different channels, shows, and genres to choose from.

But for the most part, the networks are geared towards people who aren’t interested in a certain genre or are interested in different things, like cooking and comedy.

But a lot has changed in the past year, and Discovery is starting to be a little more interested in cooking, comedy, and science-based entertainment.

In 2018, the network announced a lineup of shows, each featuring a different theme.

And as Discovery continues to expand its offerings, there’s a chance to get a glimpse of some of the new shows that it’s working on.

Below, we’ve listed some of Discovery’s upcoming programming.

We’re also looking forward, however, to hearing about a few new Discovery shows that are still in the works.

Here’s the list of Discovery shows coming to Netflix in 2018.

In the first half of 2018, Discovery introduced new series and movies, including new shows from former Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger and filmmaker John Ridley.

There’s also a new drama series called “Bridget Jones: A Woman of Honor.”

Also coming to the streaming service is a new series about a former astronaut and his wife, titled “Sally Ride.”

It’s based on the life of Sally Ride, who was the first woman to fly in space, and will premiere this fall on Discovery.

Other new series are “Danger Room,” a new show that looks at the intersection of science, technology, and entertainment, and the lives of the young and old people who use them.

The series is about the intersection between science, entertainment, health, and politics.

It also follows two young women in Los Angeles, who are at odds with one another.

The second series, called “Pillars of Wisdom,” will explore how the rise of social media has changed the way we interact with each other, and what the next step is for science and technology.

And in 2019, Discovery is debuting “Birds of a Feather,” a comedy about a group of birds that can navigate a forest and communicate with each others.

The “Discovery” logo is pictured at the top of the Discovery channel in London, England, June 1, 2018.

Discovery is also making some big moves in 2018, including a move into the original programming business, which is a move that’s been a long time coming for the network.

In 2015, Discovery made a $2 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable and the rights to its “Dance With Me” series.

That deal helped Discovery expand into new territories and add more original programming.

In 2017, Discovery acquired the rights for its “The Amazing Race” franchise and is moving into the business of building and producing reality shows.

And this year, Discovery announced that it will add an entirely new reality show to its lineup: “The Ultimate Discovery Experience.”

This new show will take Discovery’s original programming and create a new brand of content to air alongside other original programming on its programming lineup.

And the network will also launch a series of reality shows called “Divergent,” which will explore a young girl’s search for identity, identity, and identity crisis.

In 2019, the company is expanding into new genres.

“The Marvel Universe” is a live-action superhero show that focuses on the Marvel Comics characters.

And Discovery is launching a new reality series called, “The Magic of Living.”