The Food Network’s new cartoon channel will be named ‘The Food Network’, as it launches on Monday

The Food Show Network will become The Food Channel, and its new channel will feature a range of new cartoons including The Food News Network.

The channel’s website has been updated to explain the new name.

“The name change has been in the works for some time.

Over the years, the name The Food Magazine Network has been synonymous with the name of our family-owned network of shows and we wanted to give our viewers something new to look forward to,” the site reads.”

This new name has been decided on with the help of our friends at Cartoon Network and is in line with the network’s focus on providing quality content to our audience.”

Food News Network and The Food Net, the network that launched in 2013, will be renamed The FoodNews Network.

“I’m excited to launch the new channel,” Mr Tulloch said.

“We have some exciting projects coming up, so the launch is definitely going to be an exciting moment.”

Mr Tulluch’s new network will also launch with an in-depth look at the history of Australian cooking and the ABC Food Network.

Food Network’s launch follows the launch of a new ABC News Channel dedicated to Australian food, The Food of Australia.

Food News, the new network, will offer a full range of food and food-related documentaries and feature interviews with some of Australia’s top chefs.