What is Netflix’s Netflix Star Casting Network?

The latest incarnation of Netflix’s Casting Network is set to debut on Tuesday.

This will mark the first time that a Netflix series will be available on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Netflix says it is offering the Netflix Star Castings Network to help it “provide quality and compelling original programming for fans of all ages.”

The network will include “over 50 original shows from the Netflix universe, plus a growing library of original series that fans can discover through a wide range of Netflix-friendly platforms.”

There are plans to launch “new series at a later date,” Netflix says.

There is also a “growing number of original content that will premiere on Netflix” in 2018.

Netflix is not yet saying what it will be including, but a press release announcing the network said it “is the largest selection of original programming on the platform.”

Netflix has been rolling out original series since the network launched in 2012.

The network has had a lot of success with shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, as well as shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and House.

Netflix’s original programming has consistently made up a sizable portion of the streaming service’s content.

In 2016, Netflix released five original series, and last year, Netflix debuted 12 original series.

Netflix has made the streaming network’s catalog available to all platforms, including Android and Apple TV.

Netflix, meanwhile, has also been working on a “Netflix Plus” subscription service, which it is currently testing with a handful of TV networks.

Netflix will launch its Netflix Plus service in 2019.